Marriott Marquis Luggage Tag

Poll created by ssindc on Oct 5, 2011

An unrelated post had a number of us conceding that we've kept our Marriott Marquis luggage tags for, well, a long time!  Some of us still use them.

How about you?


p.s. if you remember what year(s) these were distributed, please add a comment below.

16 total votes
  • I've got one! And mine is still on my luggage!
  • I had one, but I've got no idea where it is.
  • I received one, but I promptly threw it away.
  • I received one, but it disappeared at some point.
  • I never received one. (top voted)
  • What's Marriott Marquis? Is that one of the programs from way back when, like before luggage had wheels? Back when air travel was still glamorous?