Concierge Lounge Poll

Poll created by anadyr on Oct 3, 2011

We've seen radical changes to Marriott's iconic Concierge Lounges since the concept was introduced years ago. Once a haven for the weary paying the price, the Lounge is often a free-for-all with loud guests, wandering children, middling food, and crowds. In most Lounges the Concierge is a server of food and beverage.  Sometimes they're not there or watching TV when you arrive.  So, let's hear some opinions (other than mine) on the current state of affairs regarding the Marriott Concierge Lounge

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  • The Lounge suits my needs perfectly, no change is required
  • I have some concerns but overall like the Lounges I visit
  • I rarely use the Lounge so I have no opinion
  • I have plenty of concerns about the Concierge Lounges in general
  • I avoid the Lounges since they are not what they used to be.
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