Website Banner Size - Too Big, Just Right?

Poll created by ssindc on Sep 28, 2011

In the spirit of, gee, let's get used to the wonderful properties available on the new Insiders Website, I thought I'd test drive the Poll function. This should only take a moment.


How do you feel about the Banner at the top of the Marriott Rewards Insiders Website.  Is it too big, just right, or too small?


I'll disclose my bias.  I think - at a full two inches on my screen - it's too big, and it's a waste of space.  I don't like having to scroll down almost every time I use the web page.  If the banner was thinner, I believe the web page would be more user friendly.  But, of course, that's just my opinion.   What do YOU think?????


Thanks for voting!

8 total votes
  • TOO BIG. Please reduce the size of the banner, so I don't have to scroll down so frequently. I prefer web pages where all the information I wish to access fits on a normal-sized screen. (top voted)
  • TOO SMALL. Please increase the size of the banner. I love the pictures, but they're not big enough for me to really appreciate it.
  • JUST RIGHT. I love the portal photos. The colors and scenery brighten my day. Scrolling doesn't bother me.
  • OTHER. Please leave a comment. If you've got a better idea, please weigh in!