Policy Change on Resort Fees = Net Points Loss with Merger

Blog Post created by zcsaplar on Sep 3, 2018

Hi all. First time posting here on Marriott Insiders. I am Platinum Premier and LTP, and have been racing for LTPP. Currently at 1028 nigts, 1.87M points, so I am very close. Which is why I am upset at the recent changes in Terms and Conditions as it relates to Resort Fees and other fees.


I have been staying In San Juan, PR for over a month for work. Every single Marriott property in Puerto Rico has an 18% Resort Fee. Prior to August 18th, I was earning 15 points per $ spent on everything except the taxes, including the resort fee and the $20/day parking. Then when the merger happened, apparently there was a change in the terms and conditions where Resort Fees and Parking and other fees are now explicitly excluded from earning points. So this means that I now have a net LOSS with the implementation of the new program.


The new program is promoted to make it seem like the most loyal customers are being rewarded more by increasing the points earned from 15 points/$ to 17.5 points/$, but now I can only earn points on about 78% of the dollars that I used to earn points on. The result? I earn less points now than I would have 2 weeks ago.


I know there are many other complaints about Resort Fees out there, so now I guess you can add on that the most loyal customers are now worse off at any resort fee property under the new program@@. And since all properties in PR have 18% resort fees, I can't even escape it by staying at a Marriott more inland without any beaches (which I dont use anyway because I'm here for work). I hope Marriott can fix this so members can earn on what they spent at a Marriott property or get rid of Resort Fees once and for all.