Lounge Review:  Houston Marriott Medical Center / Museum District

Blog Post created by worldtraveler123 on Jan 28, 2019

Outside building

Let me start by saying I had an outstanding stay at this property.  It is a well run, well managed property with associates that stand out in regards to service. I really like their lounge offerings as well.  Not as nice as an M-Club, but offerings make up for it.


The lounge is 24/7 key accessible for fresh ground Starbucks coffee (machine did not do Cappuccinos or Mochas), fountain drink machine for Pepsi products, water bottles, sparkling water dispenser, cans of Soda, and pretzels / spicy mix for some salty snacks.  It is located on the 25th floor.  I have to apologize as I somehow didn't get pics of that 25th floor lounge, but as I stayed on the weekend, I didn't use it except Sunday night.  My guess is seating for 25 with a couch, some large tables, and bar seating at the windows to look at the tall buildings.  But I have pics below for the 2nd floor breakfast setup and details about the offerings.

Lounge hours and offerings

Above the cards outline the availability.  Breakfast 7 days a week in the 2nd floor Bar/Lounge labeled specifically for Elites (restaurant managers stated due to the number of elites, this way they can accommodate).  Although closed for Dinner (yes dinner in the US!) and Dessert on the weekend, 2 cards per night were provided for use in Bar/Lounge on 2nd floor for an appetizer or house beer / wine.


Below are some more pics of the breakfast setup.

Front Entrance on 2nd floorBreakfast at Paladora Bar/Lounge for Elites

Breakfast at Paladora Bar/Lounge for ElitesBreakfast at Paladora Bar/Lounge for Elites

Breakfast at Paladora Bar/Lounge for Elites


As for Dinner, it was quite tasty and restaurant quality.  All items were refreshed multiple times throughout the service.  A nice salad bar with toppings, cheese board and nuts/fruit, 2 types of chicken dishes (stuffed chicken breast and a spicy variant), garlic potatoes, and steamed veggies.  Alcohol was available for purchase (~$9 glass)


Also, dessert did not disappoint, with some small bites available as well as full slices of chocolate mouse pie.  Rivaled properties I have stayed at in Germany.