Horrible customer experience

Blog Post created by vitogallo78 on Oct 4, 2017

Hello, I am writing to inform you that I will be canceling my rewards and credit card upon my return home.  I booked a one night stay at the AC Hotel Pisa italy thinking I would use my free stay that I never get to use and in turn ended up.costing me $357. It says I get one free night in a category 1-5 and the hotel is a 3 so I printed out my certificate and checked into the hotel.  I will take responsibility and say maybe I should have called prior or looked more closely but really didn't think much of it.  The lady at check in didn't say anything about it being a problem.  Anyways to make this short, no one wants to understand the human element in this situation.  I live 30 minutes from the hotel and just wanted to use my free stay for once in the 5 years I've been with you guys.  I am a normal working person with a family of 4 and this is a huge blow to my budget.  All I asked was for someone to look at this with common sense and help me out.  Just wanted you to know that the people on the ground can careless for the customer.  I also want to add that $357 for a one night stay in a room with mold in a category 3 us definitely not worth it. V/R Vito Gallo