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verysuiteboy posted 1 month ago
BEWARE:  I paid for my Global Entry renewal 09August, and it’s still “pending review” over 4 months later!  Renew early!!!

Sad state of government affairs... : (


  • nipper

    nipper 1 month ago

    My PreChek came up for renew a couple months ago,  I was lazy and didn't do GE instead.  Now I am kind of glad I didn't.  
  • pluto77

    pluto77 1 month ago

    That is terrible.  I hope an approval shows up in your Christmas stocking!
  • mustanggt

    mustanggt 1 month ago

    The other LOOOOOOOONG delay involves getting an appointment at one of the Global Entry Centers.  I applied in August and the first appointment I could get in Boston was January 2020.  Plan ahead!
  • verysuiteboy

    verysuiteboy 1 month ago

    That’s IF they decide I need to re-interview 
  • painedplatinum

    painedplatinum 1 month ago

    I was lucky, I think mine "pended" for about 3 weeks.  That was early in '19
  • nationwide

    nationwide 1 month ago

    Thanks for the heads up verysuiteboy!