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One of my favorite places to stay in Las Vegas is The Cosmopolitan.  Prior to this visit the last time I had stayed at the Cosmo was back in 2013 (points stay) and was then pleasantly surprised to get upgraded to a wrap-around terrace suite.   On this stay I booked two rooms as eclektech and I were treating his parents to an anniversary get away.


Since my last visit there had been quite a few changes to the hotel.  Platinum Reward members used to go to the lounge directly to the right of the front desk to check in.  Now Platinum Reward Members are directed to the lounge directly to the left of the front desk which is labeled “Autograph Lounge”.    We arrived at the hotel just before 1pm and the desk agent offered complimentary upgrades for both rooms if we could check out by 11am which was no problem since we had a morning flight to catch anyway.  Our upgraded rooms however were not ready, but the agent said she would request for housekeeping to prioritize our check in.  She then gave us two set of room keys with no room numbers and said we would be notified via text with the room numbers when our rooms were ready.


About 30 minutes later (1:27pm) I received a text that one of our two rooms were ready.  We then proceeded to that room and found that our upgrade was another wrap-around terrace suite with a nice view of the Bellagio fountains.   After resting in the room for a few minutes we then decided to take in the Wicked Spoon buffet with hopes that our second room would then be ready afterwards.  We found the Wicked Spoon Buffet is still living up its reputation as one of the best buffets in Vegas.



After we finished at the Wicked Spoon I decided to head back to the Autograph Lounge to check the progress of the second room.  Just as I walked into the lounge, I received the text notification that the second room was ready (3:05pm) about 2 hours following our check in.  The second room was also a wrap-around terrace suite on a higher floor with a view of the Bellagio fountains.   Both rooms looked the same and had been remodeled with new furniture and wall paper since our last visit.



We enjoyed the large rooms and the views of the Bellagio fountains.  Each suite had two bathrooms which made it nice since showers could be taken simultaneously.   Previously The Cosmopolitan provided C.O. Bigelow bath products in their guest rooms, but they are now supplying Five Witts bath products which seemed to be of lower quality.



The next morning, I did not receive the hotel folios for our rooms but decided to depart the hotel anyway so that we would not be late getting to the airport for our morning flights.  A few days later I logged into my credit card account and noticed that I had been over charged for both rooms.  I sent the hotel an email requesting copies of the two folios.  After receiving the folios, I found there were bogus mini bar charges totaling $316.94 on the folios.  After emailing the hotel I was able to get them to remove the false charges.   Later I had to file a Missing Stay with Marriott Rewards because the stay never posted.


Overall, I still recommend The Cosmopolitan for a unique and fun experience in Vegas.  Just be sure to check your hotel folio for accuracy and that you get credit for your stay.


The JetsuiteX Experience

Posted by vaboywnder Nov 21, 2018

Recently I got to experience Semi Private flying with the JetsuiteX service, a division of Jetsuite which offers private charter flights.   eclektech & I were treating his parents to an anniversary getaway in Burbank & Las Vegas.  To get from Burbank to Las Vegas we booked $79 one-way flights on JetSuiteX.


The JetSuiteX service currently offers semi private flights from and between select destinations in CA and Las Vegas.  It has a code share agreement with JetBlue, which is also an investor. Travelers on JetsuiteX can also earn JetBlue points when using their service.  Flights for JetsuiteX can also be booked on the JetBlue website in addition to their own website


Recently Qatar Airlines also invested in the parent company Jetsuite and as a result the JetSuiteX service is expected to expand with new short-haul flight options in Texas where its headquarters is now based.  


Why new arrival JetSuite ditched California for Dallas to grow its private jet business | Airlines | Dallas News  


Check in for our flight was a breeze.  We took an Uber from our hotel to the JetsuiteX hangar at the Burbank airport.  Each passenger is allowed two checked bags totaling up to 50lbs in combined weight at no additional cost.  There were no security hassles.  



After checking in we were able to relax in the hangar.  There are two small lounges in the Burbank hangar offering coffee, water, and snacks.  There was also a foosball table and cornhole available.


I was slightly disappointed that the jet used for our flight was not an official “JetsuiteX” jet as shown on their website.  Nonetheless the service was excellent.  We all had plenty of legroom and enjoyed the free drinks and snacks that were offered. 




Once we landed in Las Vegas.  We were given our checked bags plane side and then escorted from the tarmac to the front of the hangar.  A very quick and easy process.  I’m hoping that service continues to expand and look forward to using their hassle free flight service again.