Lounge Review:  Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel

Blog Post created by vaboywnder on Nov 9, 2017

The lounge at this hotel while nicely furnished is one of the smallest lounges I’ve ever seen for a full service Marriott property. It is also in a very odd location which seems like it may have been an afterthought.  The lounge is located on the Ground Floor behind the hotel bar and right next to the kitchen.  When the bar is busy it becomes difficult navigating to the lounge entrance.




I only got to experience the evening offerings which seemed to be minimal. As you can tell from the photos there are about 5 tables and one sofa in the lounge for seating.  I was curious at how they would handle the morning breakfast crowd as there seemed to be inadequate seating but we decided to grab breakfast at the airport instead.








While in the lounge I tried to use the one computer and printer to print boarding passes and the internet connection was so poor I was unable to use it for that purpose.  Based on my experience I would have to give this lounge a C-.