Hotel Review: Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel

Blog Post created by vaboywnder on Nov 10, 2017

Last week eclektech & I had a one night stay at the new Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel which opened earlier this year.  The hotel itself is very stylish and has similar furnishings to what one would find in a Pottery Barn store. The front desk staff was very friendly and accommodating.






One of the best features of this hotel is location. It is one of three Marriott properties located at the Gateway Center which means you can easily ride the Rental Car train to and from the Domestic Terminal of the Atlanta Airport.


Our hotel room which was  a little on the small side was both comfortable and functional. As you can tell from the photos, one glass side of the shower is visible from the rest of the room.  While this looks cool it can be an annoyance when sharing a room with someone else as the main bathroom light when on brightens up the rest of the room.  Speaking of light there is a blue temperature display on the refrigerator which is somewhat bright and could be bothersome for those who really like a dark room for sleeping.







There is a club lounge at this property which I was rather disappointed with. You can read my lounge review here.  Despite the few oddities with this property  I would definitely stay here again if the price is lower than the Marriott Gateway property across from it, otherwise I would probably choose the Marriott Gateway property since it has a larger lounge.