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Earlier this month eclektech and I went to Cancun to celebrate our anniversary.  This was our first time traveling to Cancun and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  I started making our plans in late May and was able to lock in a rate of $389 a night at the Ritz-Carlton for a King Room with Ocean View.  Since I had the Ritz Credit Card I was able to utilize an upgrade certificate to Club Level.  I also requested that if possible we would appreciate an upgrade to a Suite as we were celebrating our anniversary.



A couple of weeks prior to our arrival, I received several emails from hotel staff.  A reservations agent indicated they could upgrade us to a suite for an additional $200.  I declined and said no but I would appreciate any complimentary upgrades they were able to offer us at check-in.  One of the hotel concierge members also emailed to inquire about our preferences and whether or not we had any food allergies.




Upon arriving at the hotel we were warmly greeted by the front desk who asked for our passports and then he summoned a bellhop to escort us to the Club Level Concierge Desk on the 8th Floor. Once arriving at the Concierge Desk we again were warmly greeted by a couple of different staff members and offered champagne during the check in process. After getting checked in the bellhop showed us to our room and pointed out several hotel features along the way.





Once arriving at our room I was surprised to find that we had been upgraded to an Ocean Front Suite.  There was also a bottle of champagne and truffles there waiting for us. Our two room suite was very spacious and comfortable..We had a large balcony that overlooked the pool and the beach.  There were fresh cut flowers placed throughout the room.  Here is a video walk through of our suite:  Ritz Carlton Cancun Ocean Front Suite Nov 2017 - YouTube




Throughout our stay all of the staff was so attentive and friendly.  Every staff member greeted us each time and the concierge staff and bellhop who met us at check in would always greet us by our names.  The weather was also perfect and the beach was very clean, well maintained, and never crowded. 


The Ritz Carlton, Take It Photo -0736.jpg


The Club Lounge staff was also very friendly and the food offerings were excellent. Each day we would eat breakfast and lunch in the lounge and then dine at one of the local restaurants.  See my review of the Club Lounge here:  Lounge Review: The Ritz-Carlton Cancun


One of the local restaurants we ate at was Harry’s Prime Steakhouse which was within walking distance of the hotel.  The service and food at Harry’s was outstanding.  They import their beef from Nebraska and it was the best steak I’ve ever had.  It tops any of the high end steakhouses I’ve been to in the US.  We had also mentioned that we were celebrating our anniversary and they gave us special seating where we could watch the sunset and then later treated us to a special dessert and then cotton candy for a finale.









On our last evening in Cancun we decided to take in a little shopping.  I had previously read that the bus was one of the better ways of getting around within the hotel strip.  Riding the bus was a little bit of an adventure.  We made the mistake of catching the bus during the local rush hour and got very close to the locals on our way to the shopping mall. :o)  Then later in the evening coming back we discovered that you have to alert the bus driver for your stop as he does not slow down if there is no one at the bus stop.  We ended up walking about 1.5 miles back to our hotel as the bus driver had flew past our stop.



The hotel had provided us with a nice welcome gift which was in our room when we arrived.  Then upon leaving we received a nice personalized card from the concierge staff. We will have many fond memories of this trip to Cancun thanks to the Ritz Carlton Cancun staff.  Our next visit to Cancun will definitely be much longer.



The Ritz-Carlton Cancun Lounge is definitely top notch.  The Lounge attendants are friendly and very attentive to your needs as one would expect when staying at a Ritz-Carlton property.  This lounge was never over-crowded and always had plenty of offerings throughout the day.


Club Level access at this property requires a special elevator key to access the floor. There are 5 culinary presentations each day:


    *Breakfast                                           7:00am-11:00am

    *Lunch                                             12:00pm- 2:00pm

    *Light Snacks                                 2:00pm - 4:00pm

    *Cocktails & Hors d’Oeurvres        5:00pm - 8:00pm








As with other Ritz properties, Alcoholic Drinks are complimentary.   Access to the lounge are restricted to two guests per room.  There is an additional charge of $75USD per person for children ages 4-11, $100USD per person for children 12-17, and $120USD per person for guests over the age of 18.




Lounge rules also state that appropriate attire and footwear is required when visiting the lounge. Cellular phones should not be used while in the Club Lounge. Children should also be accompanied by an adult at all times and assisted when selecting items from food presentations. See the full lounge rules here.

Last week eclektech & I had a one night stay at the new Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel which opened earlier this year.  The hotel itself is very stylish and has similar furnishings to what one would find in a Pottery Barn store. The front desk staff was very friendly and accommodating.






One of the best features of this hotel is location. It is one of three Marriott properties located at the Gateway Center which means you can easily ride the Rental Car train to and from the Domestic Terminal of the Atlanta Airport.


Our hotel room which was  a little on the small side was both comfortable and functional. As you can tell from the photos, one glass side of the shower is visible from the rest of the room.  While this looks cool it can be an annoyance when sharing a room with someone else as the main bathroom light when on brightens up the rest of the room.  Speaking of light there is a blue temperature display on the refrigerator which is somewhat bright and could be bothersome for those who really like a dark room for sleeping.







There is a club lounge at this property which I was rather disappointed with. You can read my lounge review here.  Despite the few oddities with this property  I would definitely stay here again if the price is lower than the Marriott Gateway property across from it, otherwise I would probably choose the Marriott Gateway property since it has a larger lounge.

The lounge at this hotel while nicely furnished is one of the smallest lounges I’ve ever seen for a full service Marriott property. It is also in a very odd location which seems like it may have been an afterthought.  The lounge is located on the Ground Floor behind the hotel bar and right next to the kitchen.  When the bar is busy it becomes difficult navigating to the lounge entrance.




I only got to experience the evening offerings which seemed to be minimal. As you can tell from the photos there are about 5 tables and one sofa in the lounge for seating.  I was curious at how they would handle the morning breakfast crowd as there seemed to be inadequate seating but we decided to grab breakfast at the airport instead.








While in the lounge I tried to use the one computer and printer to print boarding passes and the internet connection was so poor I was unable to use it for that purpose.  Based on my experience I would have to give this lounge a C-.