Giving CLEAR a 2nd Chance

Blog Post created by vaboywnder on Mar 17, 2017

Prior to TSA Pre-Check there was the "CLEAR" Card program which allowed frequent travelers to pay an annual membership fee ($179) to bypass long security lines at select airports after going through a TSA background check and having bio metric data recorded including finger prints & an iris scan performed at enrollment. CLEAR card members would use dedicated lanes at the airport and have their identity verified by a kiosk using their finger prints and/or an iris scan.  Both eclektech and I signed up for the CLEAR Card program in early 2009 and got to make use of the expedited security line once before the company ceased operations in June 2009 after it's parent company was unable to negotiate an agreement with it's senior creditor to continue operations.  Fortunately eclektech and I were able to file a complaint with our credit card company and were refunded the membership charges.




A bankruptcy court allowed some new investor's to purchase the assets of the failed CLEAR Card program in April 2010.  The new CLEAR  company then relaunched service in November 2010 with a much smaller footprint only serving the Orlando & Denver airports.


In 2013 I learned about Global Entry & TSA Pre-Check programs thanks to a posting which originated by californian . In that postingssindc provided some great detailed information about Global Entry.   Thanks to that great advice both eclektech & I signed up for Global Entry which also allows us access to TSA Pre-Check.


To my surprise despite more people signing up for TSA Pre-Check, the new CLEAR company still continues to grow and now works in conjunction with TSA Pre-Check.  CLEAR lanes are now available at the following Airports:  Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, New York (JFK & LGA), Orlando, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, & Washington DC (DCA & IAD).  Service to LAX is also coming soon.


Both eclektech & I have been getting solicitations from CLEAR since the new company relaunched their service saying they will give us both credit for 13 months of unused service from the prior CLEAR company.  Since I've been hearing recent horror stories of extremely long TSA Pre-Check lines at some major airports like New York and Las Vegas we are going to give CLEAR a 2nd chance and utilize their 13 month offer.


CLEAR no longer requires the membership card at the kiosks and new members are no longer required to get back ground checks.  New members can sign up and now use the service on the same day.







Thanks to my Ritz Credit Card our 5-year Global Entry renewals are free.  If we decide to renew CLEAR we are able to get a discount on their renewal through their partnership with Delta.