Sydney Harbour Marriott Review & Travel Recommendations

Blog Post created by vaboywnder on Apr 17, 2016

Getting to the Hotel:

Prior to arriving in Sydney I did some research to find the best way for eclektech and I to get from the Sydney Airport to the Sydney Harbour Marriott at Circular Quay.  Since we would be departing from the airport during local rush hour traffic taking a cab would not only take an extended amount of time it would also be costly.   Fortunately there is a train that runs from the Airport to Circular Quay with an estimate travel time of 18 minutes.


The Sydney Airport train picks up in both the International and Domestic Terminals and an adult fare is $17.40 AUD.  There is both a staffed ticket counter and vending machines at the airport train station. Keep in mind that if you purchase tickets from the vending machine with a credit card you will need to have a PIN code. Also if you’re traveling with a larger luggage you should make use of the Lifts (elevators) and Handicapped ticket gates to get to the train platform as I quickly discovered as a gate closed on me before I could get through with my suitcase. 


The train was very crowded when we boarded in the airport but thinned out after a few stops before we arrived at Circular Quay.  The walk from Circular Quay to the hotel was very easy and took about 3-5 minutes.  We also took the train back to the Sydney airport for our domestic flight down to Melbourne.  The train ride back to the airport was not crowded at all.


About Our Stay:

We arrived to the hotel about 8:30am and the concierge informed me that our room was not ready yet but should be ready within a few hours.  He gave us keys to the Concierge Lounge to get breakfast and also keys to a Pre-Arrivals Lounge where we could grab a shower if we wanted.  The concierge said he would also hold our luggage for us until our room was ready.  Fortunately our wait was not too long (2hrs) and we were able to get settled into our room.


Currently some parts of the hotel are under renovation including parts of the hotel lobby and the Concierge Lounge.  During our week long stay the Concierge Lounge bounced back and forth from a large meeting room to the hotel restaurant both of which were on the 2nd Floor.   The lounge was open 7 days a week and had a very large selection of food offerings for both breakfast and evening hors d’oeuvres.


Our hotel room was a little small but we did have a view of the Opera House. The bed was very comfortable and we both slept very well.






Prior to our arrival I had notified the hotel that we would be celebrating our honeymoon.  A few hours after we were settled in our room a hotel staff member delivered a bottle of champagne with some chocolate covered strawberries along with a hand written note welcoming and congratulating us on our special occasion.



The Platinum welcome gift offerings were quite different from those in the US.  Normally I would choose the 500 points but this time I decided to try one of the other interesting items on the list: “Homemade chocolate brownie with a vanilla milkshake”





The hotel staff was all very friendly and accommodating.  The location of the hotel was perfect as we were within walking distance of so many different attractions.  Both the Opera House and Harbour Bridge were just a short walk away.


Travel Recommendations:

Since we would be away from home for 16 days and did not want to have to bring along multiple suitcases we decided to each pack one large suitcase that would cover about 8-9 days and then utilize a local laundry service.  Wash on the Rocks picked up our laundry one morning and delivered back to the hotel the same day for a very reasonable price.  To make packing easier we utilized some Travel Compression Bags we found on Amazon.  These came in great for packing and keeping dirty laundry separated from clean laundry.


Another product that came in useful for our trip was an EZO Voltage converter.  We were able to keep our small electronics charged with this one small device. 


Stay Tuned...Next Blog Posting will be about different Sydney Attractions!