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Despite not ever staying in a Ritz Carlton hotel before, I signed up for the Ritz Visa Card last January which featured a huge sign up bonus of 140k points.  Along with the sign up bonus there were many other attractive features of the card such as a $300 Annual Airline Credit, Airport Lounge Access through Lounge Club, Primary Car Rental Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Roadside Assistance.  The Ritz Card also comes with 3 annual certificates to upgrade to Club Level and a $100 hotel credit to use towards dining, spa or other hotel recreational activities.


While I’ve been enjoying the non-Ritz perks of the credit card I decided I wanted to make use of some of the Ritz related perks like the club lounge and hotel credit.  I booked a two night weekend stay ($199 per night) for eclektech and myself at the Ritz in Tyson’s Corner with Club Level Access.

Prior to leaving for our trip to Tyson’s I noticed that I was not able to use the Marriott Mobile App to check into the Ritz.  The Marriott App did show my reservation for the Ritz but would not allow me to check in with it.  I later received an email from Ritz indicating I could now check in via the Ritz Carlton mobile app.  So I download the Ritz app on my phone and was surprised that it looked quite different from the Marriott App.  Like the Marriott App I was able to see my reservation but the Ritz App gave me an error message when I tried to check in.  I hope the Ritz division will work to improve their Mobile App or allow its customers to check in via the Marriott App.


When we arrived at the Tyson’s Ritz on Friday evening I chose the Self-Parking option which is complimentary garage parking on the weekend.   I was a little disappointed to learn that even though the parking was free I would have to stop by the front desk each time I left and re-entered the garage to have my parking ticket validated.




    The Ritz Room Key


The common areas of the hotel were nicely decorated.  The hotel elevators each had a small crystal chandelier inside of them.  The hotel main lobby was on Level-4 which also allowed access to the Tyson’s Galleria Shopping Mall.



    Guest Hallway in the Ritz



   Entrance to Ritz from Tyson's Galleria Mall


Our room was clean and nicely decorated.  The bathroom had marble counters with Asprey bath products and the commode featured a handheld sprayer in place of a bidet.  All of the lights in the room had a dimmer switch.  There was a fully stocked mini bar near the entrance of the room.   I was disappointed that there was a lack of outlets at the night stands and also in the bed quality.  The bed mattress appeared to sag some after lying on it.


   Guest Room Photos:







After we got checked into our room Friday we headed up to the Club Lounge for the evening Hors d’oeuvres.   As we opened the door to the lounge I was surprised to see a nice fireplace in use. We were then immediately greeted by the lounge attendant Shima who gave us her card and assisted us with getting drinks.   After helping ourselves to some Hors d’oeuvres and settling down on a couch next to the fire place, Shima came back around and offered to take our photo. Then upon leaving she offered to bring some wine and dessert back to our room in the event we didn’t make it back in time after dinner.



   Enjoying the Ritz Club Lounge


Saturday morning we headed back to the Club Lounge for breakfast and were immediately greeted again by two different Lounge attendants who got us morning beverages.  The breakfast offerings included scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, breads/muffins, oatmeal, fresh fruit, sliced ham and turkey, cheeses, cereal, and several yogurt offerings.  One of the lounge attendants stopped back by our table and asked if we needed any assistance with dinner reservations for the night.


After breakfast we headed down to the Ritz Spa.  I had made a 50min massage appointment for eclektech which normally would have run $155 but since I had the $100 hotel credit from the Ritz card the cost was only $55 plus tip.  Jennifer, the spa attendant, was really helpful and showed us around.  While he was enjoying the massage I made use of the hot tub and sauna.  The lifeguard brought me a bottle of water upon my exit from the hot tub.



    Entrance to Ritz Spa


   Ritz Locker-Room features both Steam Room and Sauna



   Ritz Pool & Hot Tub


Then it was getting to be lunch time so we decided to head back to the Club Lounge and check out the afternoon “Light Snack” offering.  Again we were greeted by the same attendants from breakfast who got us drinks while we filled up our plates with salads, small sandwiches, and potato chips.   This was perfect for a light lunch.


We did some shopping Saturday afternoon at both of the Tyson malls and then went back to the Club Lounge Saturday evening where we got greeted by Shima again.   The Saturday evening Hors d’oeuvres consisted of beef roast and mashed potatoes in addition to many snack items.   On Sunday morning we were greeted by a new attendant while eating breakfast who offered to box us up some sandwiches to take with us if we wanted to stop by before we checked out.


Overall we enjoyed our first Ritz stay.  It was a little awkward receiving so much attention from the Lounge attendants but it was also nice being able to enjoy a less crowded lounge which was not full of children running around in pajamas.   When comparing this Ritz to two other high end Marriott properties I’ve stayed at which includes the JW Marriott in Atlanta and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas I would put rank this Ritz in 3rd place. The Cosmopolitan is definitely my number one pick as far as amenities and room quality, then the JW Marriott. I do however look forward to exploring other Ritz properties in the future.