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Last weekend eclektech and I went to Kansas City for the first time.  We had bought tickets for a Science Fiction convention called Planet Comicon ( which had some big name celebrity guests from film and television.  The convention took place at the Kansas City Convention Center across the street from Kansas City Marriott Downtown Hotel.  At the time of making the reservation I noticed the hotel rates were really high and that points were not allowed for the first night.  Fortunately the 2nd and 3rd nights allowed points and I was able to make use of two remaining Category 5 Certificates from one of last year’s MegaBonus.



After making the plans I learned that the Big 12 College Basketball tournament was taking place in Kansas City the same time as the convention which is why the hotel rates were higher than usual.  Our hotel was in the perfect location for downtown events.  There were many attractions and restaurants in walking distance.  The hotel staff was friendly and did a great job of handling the large crowd of people.  Most of the hotel occupants were Iowa State Basketball fans and some of the team players were staying at the hotel as well.  Also some of the convention attendees and celebrities were staying at the hotel. It was an amusing stay as we never knew who we might run into when walking around the hotel or riding an elevator.  One time we rode an elevator with several basketball players and another time we rode the elevator with an actor from Agents of Shield.


Saturday Night at the Hotel was quite the scene.  The Iowa State Fans were ecstatic as their team won the Big 12 tournament and fans crowded the lobby waiting for the team members to arrive.  Outside the hotel I noticed a male celeb which will remain nameless getting his smooch on. Meanwhile I was wondering how we would get through the crowd to get back to our room.  Then I remembered that the hotel had a second tower across the street with an attached walkway on the second floor.  So we entered the entrance to the second tower and made use of the second floor walkway to bypass the crowd in the lobby.




Sunday was a nice change as the majority of the Basketball fans checked out and the hotel got much quieter. Also the concierge lounge opened up Sunday evening which was really interesting as it had its own library of books in the lounge.





On Monday it was time to head back home.  We had direct flights on Southwest to/from Kansas City and Reagan Airport.  Thanks to the Southwest Companion Pass I had obtained from using Marriott Points for a Travel Package, eclektech's airline tickets were free.  We also opted for the early boarding and snagged some front row seats on the flight home.  Sitting right across from us was a Kansas Senator on his way back to another work week in DC.  Just prior to landing at Reagan Airport I was able to snap some cool shots of the Washington Monument and The National Mall.





Here are a few other pics from our Trip for you to enjoy!




View from Hotel Room of the Convention Center & Auditorium.




Downtown Kansas City (Power & Light District) lots of restaurants, theaters, and other venues here.




Lots of attendees at the PCC Convention checking out the many different vendors.





Special Thanks to this Arrow CosPlayer who got us bottled water while we waited in a long line to meet one of the celebs.






And finally a pic of eclektech and myself hanging out with two of the celebrity guests at the convention.  We had a great time meeting Stephen Amell from the tv show Arrow and his cousin Robbie Amell who stars on the show Flash.