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Most everyone knows that the best redemption value of Marriott Rewards Points is for hotel stays.  Marriott offers many different options of redeeming points.  I thought it would be cool to take a look at the reward options that have defined monetary values and figure out the point redemption value of each reward and came up with the following chart.


Notes about Each Reward Type:


Delta Airlines- SkyMiles Members who have a Delta American Express Card are able to "Pay with Miles" in which 10,000 miles per $100 can be redeemed.


Southwest Airlines: Southwest has a defined point value for flight redemption.  Currently 60 Rapid Reward points equals $1. Southwest has announced that after March 31, 2014 the value of points decrease (70 Points will then equal $1).

Cosmopolitan Identity Points: The Cosmopolitan is an Autograph Hotel in Las Vegas and has partnered with Marriott Rewards allowing members to convert Marriott Reward Points to the Cosmopolitan Identity Points.  Each Identity point is worth 1 cent.   Identity Points can be redeemed towards your hotel folio, restaurant charges, spa, etc.  There is a minimum of 1,000 Identity Points ($10) required for redemption requests.  One should also note that unused Identity Points expire one year after earning them.

Marriott Gift Cards: Unlike using Reward points for hotel stays, paying with Gift Cards allows Individuals to earn additional points and elite night credits toward their status. Points for Marriott Gift cards can be redeemed through SkyMall & Populr links on the Marriott Rewards page.  If your redeeming points for Gift Cards be sure to check both websites.  At the time of writing this blog the Populr site is offering a 5,000 point discount option for the $200 Marriott Gift Card for Elite Members. 


Marriott Instant Redemption- Another way to earn additional Reward Points and Elite night credits toward your stay when redeeming points.  Instant Redemption rewards can be requested during your stay at the hotel.  One should note that Instant Redemption requires less points than gift cards for $500 and $1,000.  Also no credit is given back for unused amounts.  Be sure to request an amount that will get fully used during your stay.  Also note that Instant Redemption is not available at Marriott Vacation Club properties, or at any hotels in Hawaii.