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A few months ago I signed up for a Fidelity Cash Management Account and I would this recommend this account to  anyone who travels frequently.  You do not have to be an existing customer to sign up and the account is FREE (no fees) and there are many perks especially for a frequent traveler.  Probably the biggest perk is they offer a VISA ATM card which allows you to use ANY ATM in the World for Free.  They payback all ATM fees that you occur within a few days of the transaction coming out of your account.  It's so nice not having to hunt down a specific ATM in another city in order to save a few bucks on the ATM Fee.


The Free ATM transactions is especially nice for foreign travel.  Card holders are also able to withdraw money from their account at the current exchange rate including a 1% transaction fee which is the minimum charged by any bank plus any fees from the owner of the ATM are reimbursed by Fidelity. I came across this blogger who also praised the Fidelity account and gave examples of how he used the ATM card to withdraw money in Germany and Italy:


Here are a list of the perks included with Fidelity Cash Management Account:


Free ATM accessUse your free Fidelity® Visa® Gold Check Card anywhere in the world and we will automatically reimburse all ATM fees.1
Free mobile check depositScan and deposit checks with your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ with Fidelity Mobile®.
Free checkwritingGet free checks, deposit slips, and online images of your cleared checks.
Free Fidelity BillPay®Receive and pay your bills on the web or on your mobile device.
Account dashboardManage your cash online from one secure place, where you can pay bills, check balances and transactions, and access money movement options like electronic funds transfers and automatic investments.
FDIC insuranceEarn interest on uninvested cash, which is eligible for FDIC insurance coverage up to $750,000—three times more than the typical bank.2
Current interest rates
Alerts & self-funded overdraft protectionUse the Cash Manager tool to create your own alerts when you have excess cash to potentially invest, or link to other Fidelity accounts for overdraft protection.


One feature of the account that I really like is that I'm able to electronically transfer money back and forth between my regular bank account and the Fidelity account without any fee.  I'm not recommending this account because of any type of incentive from Fidelity but because I would like to share this information with fellow travelers who may find it useful.  Here is a link to find out more information or sign up for the Fidelity Cash Management account: