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Watching TV on the Road

Posted by vaboywnder Feb 7, 2013

One of my all time favorite technology products ever to be invented is the Sling Box.  This is a streaming media device that allows you to access your home cable/satellite equipment from anywhere in the world with an internet connection using a smart phone, tablet, or computer.  Sling Boxes have been around a little over 10 years now.  I remember buying my first Sling Box in 2002 and because I had become addicted to watching a soap opera (don't laugh ) I wanted a way of accessing my home DVR so I could keep up with the storyline while I was away from home.  I later upgraded to a newer HD version of the sling box and still enjoy it very much when on the Road.  Its especially a great tool for those who are traveling internationally and would like to watch American television and perhaps keep up with the local news back home.


Since most Marriott properties now have HD TVs I make a habit of packing an HDMI cable to take with me on the road.  That way I can connect my smart phone or laptop to the TV in my hotel room and watch my local channels from home or access my recorded shows on the DVR using the slingbox.  If your not familiar with the product and would like more information check out the link below. - Slingbox Home