Still Itching

Blog Post created by twinone2064 on May 11, 2017

Traveled to Rochester with fellow baseball families to watch our sons play against the Rochester baseball team. We choose the courtyard based on reviews, most of us being Marriott reward members and the distance to the college ball field.

Staff at check in were delightful. All of the families spent the evening in the new updated lobby after a long day at the field, which was very nice.


All good...We really spent no time in our rooms when we checked in. Just to drop our bags.


Till the next morning when I awoke to BUGS in the bed with me. Called the front desk right away. They came with housekeeping and stripped the bed, telling me worries, looks like aunts not bed bugs. Like I really care what they were.Left left the infected linens down the hall next to a staff door (to contaminate the rest of the hotel, they were still there when I departed) .

After changing and exiting the hotel.Mind you,I didn't make a fuss about the situationI could have caused a scene to alert the rest of the guest,But I figured I would take it up with Marriott myself the next day.The front desk and staff kept there head down and you could tell they were counting the minutes till we left.

They did give me a new room the change in,redeemed my Marriott points and offered breakfast.

I have Contacted Marriott to let them know of the situation. They were very polite,but just redirected me back to the hotel manager by email.He offered me 2000 thousand additional points where I believe 25000 would have been much more appropriate . At the end of the day,He really dident care. He knows I will never be back. I wish I could share my responses from Marriott and the manager. Very unprofessional. I am contacting the board of health and Mr Marriott. Not because of I dident receive the addition of points.But because I have been in the service industry myself for over 35 years and hold a very high standard for my clients. Being a professional chef,,I have never once had an issue with bugs or the sanitation of my Kitchen publically or privately.This is very personal to me.I have always held myself to a higher standard in my business. I would never jeopardize my clients. They were and are my highest priority. I think Marriot has forgotten this along the way.

I have never written a review before.But..

Being a loyal Marriot and Starwood gold and platinum member. I believe it is my duty to write this review for potential guest to be aware of the situation and for fellow award members to think twice before booking a lower level hotel.