Wonderful Impeccable Service Delta by Marriott BONVoY FREDERICTON NEW BRUNSWICK CANADA     

Blog Post created by tweetycookie9501007 on May 21, 2019

Hell-O,..., I myself am wanting to recognize a specific employee who has made my stay at the FREDERICTON NEW BRUNSWICK CANADA      a wonderful experience so far so good. Upon arrival, Melissa B.~ selected the perfect room ambience on the penthouse floor of the building. The room number is perfect allowing a well balanced environment as well and she selected that herself said Melissa... almost like she knew me. Making the APP reservation on the side of the highway on the fly (silly me... I have an appointment in this city and half way onroute, I notice that I am ahead of myself and the appointment date and time is set for the following today being May 21st, 2019 today) went fine. The APP itself pré approve me for a Marriott BONVoY Canadian Credit Card as well A’s automatically upon making the reservation, this credit pops up which is wonderful. I had breakfast at 10AM with a beer of my favourite beer since I am chil this morning, I am indulging. I then order a bottle of wine and getting that dowstairs, we exchanged wonderful conversations with the “Catch and Go”, I think that is called here... the eatery, etc... and I exchange a bag of Skittles with them as well to enjoy during their shift. Only been maybe 2 hours here and I already feel home in this hotel room, may as well call this a suite. You should see the size of this. ~ Michel J Maillet ©️VISION20203