Paper Folio - I miss you!

Blog Post created by tuneman on Dec 27, 2017

Hey, my rock star Insiders!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and are gearing up for an awesome 2018!


Just got back from Christmas with my future in-laws, and where most start Christmas morning with a hearty breakfast, my GF's sisters make tamales, green curry, and posole while opening presents, so it's impossible to sleep in while your mouth is on fire :-) :-)    OK, back on point.....


This particular reservation, I had stayed (and prepaid) for 12/22-12/25 to get an awesome rate, and had used my 1-5 cert for the 12/25-12/26 night (since it would have been the most expensive night). So, I truly maximized the value of the stay. Because I did it this way, on a good note, although they weren't able to upgrade me on the 3-night rez, they DID upgrade me to a suite on the Christmas night single rez, because it was available. (I had never stayed in a Courtyard suite before, since I don't prefer Courtyard b/c of no breakfast, but I appreciated them doing it.


However, this post is about the lack of the paper folio under the door - Upon checking out, as has been the case recently, I didn't receive anything via email, and - quite honestly - most times I'm too busy packing to fire up a computer anyways. (Yes, I did have my settings correct to receive e-folios, only b/c of this recent elimination of paper).


What upsets me is when I went to the front desk to ask them to print one out, and I hear, "We don't do that anymore", I know I'm in for a "Who's on first" conversation. I mean, even a CTRL-P for "print" should do the trick.


Me: "Had a fantastic stay - would it be possible, please, to print out a paper copy of my bill, so I can ensure its accuracy before leaving"


Her: "We don't do that anymore. You should get a copy via email"


Me: "I understand, but unfortunately, my bill hasn't arrived via email, so if you could give me something printed out, that would be amazing. I've pre-paid for my 3 nights on the one room, and used an e-certificate for the second room, so I just want to be sure there are no charges whatsoever. I also need it for taxes."


Her: "I'm not sure I know how to do that"


Me: "Can we please find someone who does? I'd really appreciate it."  (understand this is the day after Christmas, so it's me and this person, and not a manager on the property)


Insiders, hand to the Good Book, she managed to botch everything up to the point where I have no doubt I'll have to call an Agent, and make sure the points and nights are added properly, in addition to making sure I get MegaBonus credit for the paid reservation, and Elite night for both reservations. Plus, what she printed out only had a zero balance, and did not have a breakdown, meaning there is no record of the paid portion.


If I had paper folios, this would have been printed out, and I wouldn't have even had to go to the front desk.

Keys in room. Boom. Done.

But on Christmas Day, and the day after for the extra room night - with my GF and mother waiting in the wings, I had to ask for this.




I can not stress this enough - it would be much more convenient to have people OPT OUT, if they don't want paper folios, than to force them to have to go (or at least attempt to go) to the front desk, and ask for one. And this property didn't have the folio on the TV screen - usually only the full service properties do.


Use small fonts, to save paper.

I don't care. I'll buy a microscope.

Just - please, to save Insiders an extra checkout step - just bring back the print outs.



Now, back to my leftover tamales..... :-)

- tuneman