Santa Clara Marriott - (hint: you're gonna want to stay here!)

Blog Post created by tuneman on Oct 26, 2017

Hey, my fellow Insiders!

Well, I promised a report back on the Santa Clara Marriott, and if the initial 8 hours of what lies ahead, you're definitely going to want to put the team here on your Christmas list. :-)


First, my upgrade was honored....without asking.....a full THREE days before even arriving (I noticed it in my reservations) - and with the hotel near capacity with a seminar in town, that is a very nice perk for a Gold or Plat to have.

The front desk peeps are so nice, you'll want to hug them. They answered all my questions with a smile, and waived the parking fee because we weren't driving. (the honorable thing to do, but yes, you sometimes have to ask)


Next, the concierge lounge - Olga in the lounge smiled so much, you'd think she'd won the lottery. Super concierge. The fajitas we had tonight made it a meal, and the chicken tortilla soup was so tasty, I almost filled up a coffee cup with a second cup. No breakfast in the lounge, they told me.....HOWEVER.....full breakfast buffet in the sports bar (for Elites only) each day, so we're looking forward to that tomorrow.


I had asked for a refrigerator a few weeks ago, and when I confirmed at check-in, they said, "Oh, Mr. Tuneman, we put it in the room three days ago - we were expecting you." - I mean, wow. Very cool.


After breakfast tomorrow, I'm sure there will be even more to smile about, but I just wanted to share with the group - this place knows how to treat long time Marriott loyalists. Feel free to cut and paste my review, if I posted in the wrong place, but am very, very pleased. Well done, SC Marriott! :-)

- tuneman