The Scoop on Santa Clara

Blog Post created by tuneman on Oct 19, 2017

Hey Gang!

Just getting finished with our local Taco Festival, which yours truly judges each year (that's right.....I have to judge 24-30 tacos in one day. Anyone who can make it to Phoenix next October for our 9th annual event, I'll buy you a margarita ;-)


OK, back on topic, ha ha -


The GF and I will be heading to Santa Clara next week for a seminar, and will be staying at the Santa Clara Marriott on Mission Blvd.  (seminar being held there - no desire to stay at another property, especially with no car)


I want to get the best mileage out of the hotel, and have read reviews that have been mixed - everything from an A/C unit that hasn't been serviced since the Reagan administration, to - on the other end of the spectrum - potenially an upgrade to a full restaurant buffet for Gold/Plat.


Has any of our rock star Insiders stayed at the resort, and any experiences or advice you'd like to share?

Happy to return the favor for any Phoenix property here you need the scoop on prior to check-in - I've literally stayed at almost all of them.



(thx in advance!)

-- Dave the "tuneman"