New to Insiders - Long-time loyalist!

Blog Post created by tuneman on Oct 13, 2017

Hey, folks - it's Dave, aka "tuneman" -

Just saying 'hi' to everyone - have been a long-time Marriott loyalist for 20 years, and a broadcaster and writer my entire life, and wanted to let you all know how much I've enjoyed the discussions lurking in the background, and finally wanted to make an account, hoping I can add anything to the discussion in the future.


Great information, great people - I've learned a lot so far that I didn't even know!  (I had to explain to my GF what a "Bonus Buck" and "Premium Pound" was, back in the day, and I had to convince her they actually existed, ha ha :-) 


Keep doing what you're do, and I hope to contribute some soon! And if anyone needs any info on Phoenix properties, I'm your man - been living here for 40 years :-)

- Dave