The Merger between SPG and Marriott is such a rip off

Blog Post created by traveler95117 on Aug 12, 2018

This merger between Sheraton and Marriott has been talked to death. I have never had a reason to comment positive or negative about the matter till now. Unfortunately it is because of a negative experience.


For the record I have been a SPG member for almost 22 years now I had an old account. but restarted a newer account after I returned from military obligation after 2001. They could not find my older account. Since 2006, I have been a "LOYAL" and "FREQUENT" client of Sheraton. Since 2006 till the present I have accumulated 400 stays, and I am a "LIFETIME GOLD MEMBER". Unfortunately with the merger I will be inhibited from making lifetime platinum.


Now I found out that my old SPG account had 108 stays, and when combined with my new SPG account that would equate to "LIFETIME PLATINUM". Well I talked to SPG customer service and they say they are no longer combining old accounts. To bad for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now since I can not earn the 100 stays needed. I will end up only as a "LIFETIME GOLD". I always enjoyed the benefits of late check out with SPG, but now I found out that only "LIFETIME PLATINUM" will get the benefit, plus the upgrade to club floors. I guess that will no longer be the benefit.


Fortunately, I am also Lifetime Diamond with Hilton and Hyatt, so I will avail myself with those brands now. When Mr. Marriott was the Chairman and CEO, if I wrote a letter to him, his liaison would correct the issue immediately. Now with the new corporate regime, any complaints are quickly dismissed or not even responded. In my case the latter. I even asked SPG to match my " HILTON LIFETIME DIAMOND", but no response.


Subsequently, I will use the rest of my 100,000 points as a Marriott silver elite and the 100,000 points I've earned as a Sheraton Elite in the next coming months and discontinue  all these Marriott, Ritz, Regis and Sheraton brands. That is unfortunate so to speak, but maybe the best.