Review: Renaissance Midtown Hotel on 35th Street

Blog Post created by tjd on Jun 9, 2017

Pros:   Great rooms and great room service.    The few Balcony rooms are really nice with huge outside areas, my daughter loves those rooms.   Very nice staff.    Really great location for my work.



The experience getting from the street to your room or to the lobby is horrible.     The elevators are slow and there are to few to accommodate the  hotel.    And the worst part is the restaurant on the 5th floor.    Every time i stay there i have at least one bad elevator experience with drunks and generally disorderly people trying to access the restaurant tying up the elevators and creating chaos in the lower lobby.


The lounge leaves a lot to be desired.     They do not serve a proper breakfast but basically some breakfast finger food.     Lounge is WAY TO SMALL.    And as Marriott in general is trying to get more for its dollars with less customer service the breakfast has restricted hours as most Marriotts are now doing.


I will only stay here with my family as my daughter loves it.    Simply the horrible entrance experience is enough to keep me away.