Westin Resort & Spa Cancun

Blog Post created by tj-premierlife on Nov 14, 2019

My wife and I booked a preview package for 5 days 4 nights at the Westin Resort & Spa in Cancun. To extend the package, I booked 2 nights before and 1 night after for a total of 7 nights. I used a combination of paid, Bonvoy points, and comp upgrade leveraging my Lifetime Titanium status. The property is in the midst of a transition to timeshare as Marriott Vacation Club purchased all Vistana Signature properties and this resort is on of two in Cancun, the other being Westin Lagunamar. 


The check-in exceeded expectations, we were upgraded to a Gulf of Mexico view with a full balcony. The first 15 minutes in the room was extremely disappointing. In the Yucatan environment, the salinity is very high. When the hot tropical breeze hits the conditioned air, condensation forms in a way that can trigger the smoke alarm. That's exactly what happened when we opened the balcony doors. We were standing on the balcony enjoying the view when the alarm went off. Hearing an alarm, one's first instinct is to exit and that's what we did.  As soon as we exited the alarm stopped.  I decided to see if I could replicate the behavior, so I re-entered the room, opened the balcony doors and sure enough the smoke alarm went off again!  My wife was hysterical.


From our perspective, there was a faulty/defective smoke alarm. It actually turns out that there is no sensor on the balcony door to let the AC know to shut off because the door is open. With the AC in full swing, the condensation forms that triggers the alarm.


Since they did not have another room to move us to, we suggested disabling the smoke alarm. We were eventually moved to a totally refurbished 2 BR villa with 2 baths, balcony, full kitchen, and washer/dryer.


The service at this property is exceptional.