I (sort of) like the mobile app.  Concept, at least.

Blog Post created by stevenswan on Nov 10, 2017

I love the mobile app messaging; well, love the idea, that is.  Each time I have used it, the responses are wholly unhelpful.  It seems that every response is canned or tells me to call the front desk.

Me: "I would like to check in early and have already checked in using the mobile app.  Can you help?"
Agent: "Check in time is 4PM"



Me: "I would like to extend our stay one more night.  Can you help?"

Agent: "You need to go to the front desk."


All were very terse messages and unhelpful.  It would be great if the responses were actual problem solving responses, such as, "Sure; what time will you arrive?  I can place a request and if one is available when you arrive, we can assign that room to you."  This is well better than giving me the 'no duh' answer that simply recites the standard check in time.