New Delhi Aero City Marriott...  how disappointing!

Blog Post created by stakeholder on Jun 17, 2017

Downright disappointing!!


The floor in my room was creaking....Upon check in, as I was not feeling well, the hostess said she would send a hot pepper drink to my room... none came.


Following morning, I called to see if Jacuzzi was functioning...and was told 'yes'. When I went down after changing into swim shorts, the guy said "its been under repair for 2 days"... huh??


So, I decided to go outside... the concierge arranged for an 'airconditioned taxi' to take me sight seeing... it ended up being an uncomfortably small car with no AC in the Delhi heat!! And to boot, when we returned, the taxi driver was arguing that I needed to pay him twice as much !!


Back to the Jacuzzi to see if it was working the following day.. It was... while I was initially relieved, when I actually went to use it, there was human waste in the water!!


Antony Page, who used to be in Singapore Marriott, needs to focus on this property 24 x 7. They have a lot of work to do to restore the Marriott brand. Start with the jacuzzi....