Awful Experience

Blog Post created by spicasso on Oct 3, 2017

Boy was I just scammed. I decided to join the Marriott "Family" and become a member, stay at Marriotts and open up a Chase Marriott Visa. Opening up a Chase Marriott Visa would give me points after of course spending thousands of dollars in the first few months. To stay in the only hotel available in the City we are visiting it would cost me 1650 Euro's  for 4 nights as a non member, to stay in the same hotel as a member using points, Marriott only allows me to reserve the Suit which would cost me 5600 Euro's plus 360,000 points. WOW!!!!! what a scam. Nice job Marriott, you got me to spend thousands of dollars to get the points. Cancelling my Marriott Chase Visa and my Marriott membership.