Marriott Customer Service Experience - Very Bad

Blog Post created by sourabhjain95 on Mar 31, 2018



I had a reward certificate for which I was booking a stay in Long Beach, CA for one night. The hotel Residence Inn Long Beach Downtown was showing as a category 5 hotel on the mobile app whereas to the reservation representative it showed as Category 6. Everytime the reservation representative asked me to talk to customer service representative and placed me in their queue and for 3 instances, I had nobody to talk to for 30 minutes. Just kept hearing the recorded message of "Call is important". After all, I had to book another category 5 hotel but very frustrating that I have still not been able to talk to somebody who can undertsnad the issue or atleast even do something on the Marriott side to even correct the issue on the mobile app. The most frustrating piece is the reservation representatives asks to hold as they will find somebody to help but you realized that they have placed you in a queue that has no answer.


I am a Gold Elite member and was one of my first reservation where I had to deal with customer and reservations, but it has been just frustrating and wasted so much of time. I hope some leadership team will watch this. I am attaching the proof of that hotel showing as a category 5 hotel.