Another Marriott Web Site Issue

Blog Post created by sojourn on Mar 30, 2019

There is a problem in trying to set up an "insiders" account.  When you have signed into Marriott (username & password), you are then sent to a page that asks you to set up a username for "insider."  Most of this page is simple and works, however, when you try to check the box at the very bottom before submission (the Privacy Rules and Conditions) you are unable to do so if you are using Chrome or Safari browsers -- the only browser that will allow you to check the box (with a complicated spacebar hold) is Internet Explorer.  


There is also no place to report a problem... no email/text/phone number for help.  The person at the Titanium desk worked with me for 30 minutes to figure out a way to go around the system.  I've been a rewards member since the beginning of the program (through the highs and recently the lows) and try as I would it was impossible for me, or for the Marriott Bonvoy representative, to make it work.  The only solution was to download Internet Explorer.  Is that really how you want it... making it that hard, I don't think so?  Like many other problems with your internet presence this needs to be fixed!