Stolen Item at Courtyard Marriott

Blog Post created by shawnadammok on Oct 19, 2017

I had a laptop stolen out of my room at a Courtyard Marriott last week. After speaking with the Front Desk at this property, their aid was lack luster. They told me the Assistant General Manager would check in with me in the morning when they arrived for work. That never happened. I called Marriott Customer Care after I did not hear from the AGM and I was given a case number. I called Customer Care later that week after still not hearing anything. A few days later, someone from the property called me and told me that they could not locate the item. I subsequently went to Customer Care again and they followed up with the property. After a final plea with Customer Care, I received a response from the General Manager who offered to make things right.


I knew that if the laptop was not found in 24 hours, it was gone. But, I minimally expected some sort of level of care from Marriott. It did take a week to receive the level of service that I expected on day one. 


I read many posts from folks who have also lost items/gotten them stolen, and its unfortunate that the resolution on those items were not as sufficient as mine. But, after today, I have confidence that Marriott will do their best to make things right, as best they can, in all situations, which is why I still view them as the best hotel chain, second to none.


So to the General Manager who took the time to write me an email, apologize, and bring to closure this issue, thank you. I may have reservations about staying with this property in the future, but I will certainly stay with Marriott again and continue to refer folks to the rewards program.