Uncertain fate

Blog Post created by shakirah80 on Jul 16, 2019

Would you be upset or rethink hotel loyalty if this happen to you?


I am a Silver Elite Lifetime Member now but who was a Platinum who had a lil guy dropped to gold then silver. I have traveled around the world. And have still always chosen Marriott. Even if I have to drive a little further to get to one. With a Hilton right where I am. I stay very current on terms and conditions and promotions the like. I recently stayed at a property for fourth of July and booked two rooms. Why because we are allowed to do so as members and with my rate. The terms in conditions under section 2 are clear. With section 2.1.d clarifying for even the lay person in customer service what a qualifying stay means. I was told that they would not acknowledge my second room as it counts as one room. When um terms and conditions counts one room if you check in then out at the same property or if you book at this property but book at Fairfield at the same time. The hotel has stated they do not understand the issue and will escalate on my behalf. What's amazing to me is I can barred from them calculating this activity on my account. But when I called about fraud on my account nothing happened. No follow up or nothing. Fraud since thanksgiving until may 2019. When I called to say stays had not received promotions nothing nothing happened. But here we are again. Nothing happens... I have called 5 times emailed 2 times. Nothing happened. Oh and did I mentioned I paid cash for each rooms individual folio under my name. So I guess I shouldn't do nothing but consider if pouring travel dollars into Marriott is even worth it anymore.