Woodlands Mini Meetup

Blog Post created by seatexan on Jul 2, 2018

SOOOO!!!! I had the most amazing fun weekend with some really wonderful people! I ALWAYS have a great time with these folks.  


It began Friday.  I headed to the Woodlands to meet up with iahflyr, the Mrs, nationwide and the Mrs, and 2 of their other friends.  We hung out at their house around the pool, sippin' and snacking with lively laughter filled conversation before heading to the Pavilion for a WEEZER concert! 


nationwide has the most legit hook up! We were so spoiled!  Thank you!!!





Yummy bites at the club!

Fuzzy group pic...




So close you could feel the fire on stage!



Saturday I went to check out the Woodlands mall and bought a ton of things from the oil and vinegar shop! Love that place. At around 11:30, I went to visit Nawnee.  Some of you all will remember her from DoubleTipple.


Later in the day we went back to @nationwide's for a great evening of pool and drinking fun.  The pork that iahflyr and the mrs brought to grill was off the hook! OMG! it was so good, I wish I took a pic.  I will need that recipe. 


It was a real treat that the navysafe crew was there! It was so nice getting to know them better.  We had a blast!  They are hilarious! "Safety First!"


Final group pic of this brilliant gang!!! 



Thank you nationwide for hosting!  I miss everyone already. <3