Platinum Challenge Stay Five

Blog Post created by seatexan on Mar 21, 2018

Courtyard Lafayette Airport

Room 325 SAME ROOM as Stay Two!!! LOL

No upgrade

Finally I got a "thanks for being a rewards member" I was even offered to grab something from the little market.


I told the girl at the front that this was the 1st time someone had thanked me and offered me a welcome gift.  I thanked her in return. 


Seeing as how it was the SAME room... I didn't take pictures.


But I did go eat a snack at the Bistro.  Hahaha! I know painedplatinum eeek!






They had a new menu (was told this, don't really know as I have never eaten anything from a CY before) and many of the items were not complete. For example, I ordered the French Fries Trio Dip... how bad could that be? Well the didn't have the right fries for it!  I still got it, but with reg fries.



Fries a bit over done....but still good.


The lady after me ordered a chicken dish and there was no brown rice! There was no white rice either.  I did feel for the girl working the bistro.  It was not her fault that the menu was new and the supplier had not delivered the items needed to create some of the meals. 


One thing I do have to say about this CY is that the people working here are incredibly warm, welcoming and do genuinely care.  I can't fault them on that.


Bar selection was not bad.




I had 19 Crimes wine.




Really it was fine, but there is an Outback and Chili's bar and grill not far. I'd recommend there over here. However this will do perfectly well if you are at a CY in the middle of no where .


Four more stays to go!!!