Platinum Status Challenge

Blog Post created by seatexan on Feb 22, 2018

My goal before April 26th is to complete the Plat Status Challenge.  Seeing as I am Plat now, I am not eligible until I fall to Gold on the 28th of Feb.  The CMs here confirmed this as well (before the notice went up) as did a call to Customer Service. I had other questions too and now can't ask the CMs here anymore.


When I enroll, I will be told what day I need to finish this by (I asked).  Which should be the end of May.  However I am REALLY going to try to get this done by doubletipple!


The good thing is, I don't have to keep track myself. I will have a new promotion added to my acct. This helps!


When I was automatically enrolled in The Taste of Gold a few years ago, my acct wasn't keeping track to where I could see it.  It didn't matter as I was 3 nights away from Gold when they enrolled me!   Challenge not needed! BUT it was great being gold before I was truly gold!


When we learned we could no longer buy status back with points, I began my search for low room rates.  I can't say any place that I have booked already are exciting.  CYs and FFIs.... But I think it will be a fun goal and worth it as I fly United.


I'll be posting my journey on my blog as I go.


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