Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel

Blog Post created by seatexan on Jun 7, 2017

This hotel, for all of it's clout, was a mixed bag of disappointment, incredibly friendly staff, tired rooms, and some good "make it up to you" cheese cake.


I stayed twice.  I wanted to give them another chance upon my return. I also REALLY loved the area.   However Grosvenor Square Marriott is very close.


Upon check 9am...I knew my room would not be ready.  I was told they were at 100% capacity. I figured as there were several conferences staying there I read about before leaving the states.


We were shown to the Executive Lounge and asked to wait there.  They had breakfast (worse coffee I have ever had though) and I was even able to shower and put on fresh clothes in the lounge.  I did feel better after that. I didn't sleep on the plane, even though I tried.


Lounge Review: Lounge Review: JW Marriott Grosvenor House


Around 2pm I was so tired I was dizzy! I did try and walk around but it was cold and I was too tired so it was miserable. I went to the desk and was told nothing was ready.  Another couple went to the desk to speak to a very helpful guy named James Taylor.  Yep! Anyway HE was able to get us a room.  They were having the same issue I was and told me to go talk to the guy b/c the girl could not care less!


No upgrade.  I got one at every single other Marriott and SPG property except for this one.  I did get an upgrade on my return trip, but a cute mouse (yes a mouse!) I think had a hand in that.


I didn't take pics of this room.  It was tired, like me! and though quite spacious, needed major updating.  I slept for 4 hours and felt much better.  I also realized the bed was all feather!  Feather is better than smoke for me, so I decided to deal with it later.


Worst "Marriott" bed I have ever slept in. They did fix the feather and then of course the mattress issue with a topper, so ok fine... None of these were true deal breakers.


And really I can't fault the hotel for being busy and 100% full.  Service was wonderful at every turn.  I was simply disappointed with the room, the bed, the fire alarm, and lounge breakfast.  






Stairs up to Lounge, they also had a lift so they were ADA compliant.




Flowers in lobby were always fresh and beautiful.



Front entry.



hahaha...   Honestly I thought I set it off b/c I turned on the heater in the room and seconds later, when the heater smell came, the fire alarm went off!  Turns out it was NOT actually my fault. phew!



The "I am sorry that your bed was so horrible and we know we stuck you in a bad room" gift.   the cake was OMG so good!  Fine, I will take it!


I am so torn about this hotel.  I won't stay again until all rooms have been redone (by the time I get back over there they should be!).  The hallway smells are pretty icky too.  It was a mix of construction and wet sewer... like when you remove a toilet...


The staff are WONDERFUL and even the construction workers are so nice! I love the hotel for the people here, but at this time, it is going thru a lot of changes.


The area is also lovely!  The bus stop is a very short walk and the subway is about a 5-8 min walk.