Marriott saves me again!

Blog Post created by screechowl on Aug 6, 2019

Leonard to the rescue! Thank you!


Here is a good story.


I am a forgetful person. It is not uncommon for me to forget to pack something. But when I am going to another city to argue a case on appeal, like I did yesterday when I visited New Orleans, I almost never forget the lawyer uniform essentials like suit and tie. I can only recall one trip 20 years ago when I forgot a tie. It hasn't happened since. Not until yesterday.


Getting dressed for court this morning I suddenly realized I did it again. Panic at being without a tie gave way to fear. I tried to figure out what I could do to avoid appearing like a moron before 3 seasoned federal judges, when I realized that what worked for me 20 years ago (also at a Marriott property) might work for me again at the New Orleans Renaissance in the Arts Warehouse district. 


So I went downstairs to the lobby and asked the assembly of bellmen whether any of them had a tie I could borrow. Leonard said he might, went to the back, and returned with a silk tie that not only didn't clash but matched my suit perfectly. 


When I returned from court I took a picture with Leonard for posterity. Thank you Leonard for the great service! Hopefully the court sees it my way. Regardless, you saved my *** big time.