Unbelievable Sheraton Fail in St. Louis

Blog Post created by screechowl on Oct 6, 2018

My wife and daughter are doing the fall college tour while I am away in Denver handling a trial in federal court. I booked them a room with points for last night in the Sheraton Clayton Plaza which is very close to the Washington University campus they were there to visit today.  Meanwhile, I was returning home from Denver yesterday evening at the same time they were traveling to St. Louis.  When wife and daughter got to the hotel in their Uber they found it to be dark with police tape cordoning off the lobby.  My wife bravely ventured inside (while the nice Uber driver waited) and was told by someone in the lobby that there was a sinkhole in the hotel, that the hotel was closed for several days (since several days ago) and that they needed to go elsewhere.


I found all this out this afternoon.  I got back late last night and was exhausted and did not bother to check messages. After hearing the story from my wife I checked my voice mails.  At 8:45 PM yesterday someone named Alisa left me a message advising me that my reservation was canceled and that I would need to make other arrangements.  No offer of assistance with those arrangements was extended.


I went  and found two news reports, both of which say that the issue at the Sheraton was a water main break that occurred Thursday evening. See Clayton hotel closed due to water main break and Sheraton Hotel in Clayton evacuated, remains closed following water main break


How crazy is it for a hotel wait 24 hours or more to advise travelers that they are closed and also fail to offer assistance with other accommodations?  Can I also mention that with the merger my status is now something stratospheric (Plat Elite with Ambassador) yet no flags went up and no one bothered to reach out to me in any way other than the one lone voicemail at 8:45pm on the date of my wife's arrival.


Furthermore, the stay now just appears on my account as canceled.  I never canceled it and I was never notified either.

Major fail in my view.