Was below my "low" expectations

Blog Post created by saturdayman7 on May 3, 2017

I didn't expect a whole lot when I booked one night at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Orange Beach AL this past week using points (April 25).  We were going to meet up with family the next day and stay the rest of the time in a Condo.  After driving eight hours to get there I called the hotel when we were in the general vicinity (we'd only been there once eight years ago when our son got married on the beach).  I was immediately put on hold for ten minutes while I was still driving around and finally found it myself.  Thinking "they must really be busy", we went in and NO they weren't busy at all.  We got to our room and I immediately saw that one of the big screen TV's was not working.  I fixed it myself.  We went to dinner nearby and when we came back my wife used the bathroom and the toilet immediately stopped up.  This was at 11:00 PM.  I went down to the desk to ask for a plunger.  The desk clerk was in the processing of giving me one when the female Manager came out and said they "could not do that" and would send someone else up.  An hour later at 12 midnight we still have a stopped up toilet and we want to go to bed!  I went back down and learned the Manager had gone home so the clerk gave me the plunger this time which I proceeded to unstop the toilet in two minutes.  The next morning when I checked out I voiced my dissatisfaction to another Manager and told the whole story.  I didn't ask for anything and was told she "wasn't sure if they'd give me my points back".  I proceeded to tell her how I'd stayed exclusively at Marriott properties for the last 33 years while on the road for work as well as pleasure (mostly full service) and that I was Platinum Lifetime.  I wasn't boasting, but the whole situation was ridiculous.  Again, I wasn't expecting a 5 Star Hotel experience but this stay was below anything I could have envisioned.