Huntsville Marriott at the Space and Rocket Center

Blog Post created by rwesrussell on Oct 2, 2018

First time staying here.  Traveling for business...only a couple of days.

The hotel is nice enough, lobby and Concierge lounge are well appointed and the lobby restaurant was well staffed.


My major disappointment with this hotel (and some other Marriott facilities) is the lack of understanding of business travelers.

Perhaps the majority of guests are tourists, but I'm using a corporate card, am Platinum Elite, and am clearly here on business.

The total lack of any sort of power outlet at the desk area baffles me.  Other, less newly renovated rooms, at least have one or two plugs on the lamp.  Not so travelers are mostly out of luck if they want to power / charge their laptop.

I actually called the front desk assuming I was missing something.

Nope...while the attendant was professional and polite, all she could offer was an outlet by the bed or fishing behind the refrigerator for a plug.

I opted for the on my knees, crawled under the desk, and reached as far as I could behind the refrigerator to find a power strip with ONE open outlet.

This room had clearly been renovated recently and the inanity of not providing convenient power at the desk for business travelers amazes me.

I know...small issue...I fixed it myself.  However, it shows a lack of understanding of their guests.

I will try other hotels in the area for my next few visits and hopefully find something a little more accommodating to business travelers.