Missing Points Again

Blog Post created by rstylins on Oct 17, 2017

Why is it we always have to fight for our nights? I don't even care about the points anymore, I would just really like my nights. I travel 100% for work all over the country for work. I cannot tell you how many times I was not given my points per stay because my firm (at times) paid for my stay. Every time I check in I give my credit card number, purchase items and turn down the daily room service, I still do not get any points.


I feel that Marriott could easily develop and incorporate some sort of tier system, even giving us half the points or something? I love staying at the Marriott and would love to take a cruise sometime using my points. If they have given me something for all the stays over these years, I could have taken a small vacation. Why do you think I am saving them? 


Ridiculous I have to take time again out of my day today and complain about not getting my points. Everywhere else I stay for work I get my points. Not like its anything to this chain of hotels to give the little people like me a few points now and again. I think its petty on their part! I am ashamed to stay at a Marriott anymore because of how they treat us hard working consultants!