Platinum on American Achieved

Blog Post created by rowdy1438 on Aug 14, 2018

I know this has nothing to do with Marriott, but I officially crossed into the Platinum threshold on American Airlines as of 11pm PT last night. Why is this exciting?

1. I get to board in group 3!

2. I get to check 2 bags for free!

3. These checked bags now get a fancy orange priority sticker!

4. I now get to pick the 6 inches of extra leg room seats for free at booking!

5. These fancy seats come with free drinks if I want them!

6. I get more bonus miles!

7. I like traveling status!

Its really the small things in life especially since I have no hope at LTG or LTP or LTPP. Also, I hope all of the above stated points are factual. I think they are. I hope they are. About 21,000 more miles to the next level.