I find little Rewards for Rewards Program

Blog Post created by rosecabinets on Aug 2, 2017

I cannot say I travel a lot, but when I do over the last 10 years I have always tried to stay at a Marriott Property. I originally believed that if I joined Marriott rewards program and only stayed at their properties I would eventually benefit from

the loyalty. That being said I have yet to see any benefit. I actually travel at least 4 times a year to stay at the JW Marriott in Las Vegas. My 90 year old father lives there so I do my best to see him at least 4 times a year. He lives in Summerlin so staying at the JW seemed like the best options and by staying there 4-5 nights each time I stay there- I would eventually

benefit from the rewards program. Not only do I find it often difficult to get a room when I need one, I am always treated like

its the first time I have stayed there. I do not get any of my requests fulfilled (like requesting extra towels) but other than

getting free WiFi I feel like I pay more making my reservation through Marriott (the ONLY way you can earn rewards points, I found out the hard way on that one) and over the last 5+ years I have not seen any benefit to belonging to this rewards club.


I even had an emergency once and called to have my Father stay at the JW for a few nights when his air conditioner went

out- I was very careful to make all the arrangements for him to may his stay easy (he is 90) and instead the stay was a complete disaster for him, and even after I provided my credit card as payment before he arrived - he was asked and force

to pay the bill, which he was not prepared for. 


Overall, those of us who do not travel for a living, rewards programs like Marriott's are of little value to us. I can never seem

to earn enough points to even be considered a valued customer. We rarely ask for much, but being loyal and being part of

this rewards program does not seem to benefit loyalty.


I was getting ready to make another reservation and instead of spending time on Marriott's sight trying to stay at the JW again and work my flights around reservation availability - I will finally find a package that will cost less and I can stay

at the Red Rock, Sun Coast or JW. I wont earn points, but the points do nothing for me anyway.


Just thought I would put it out there.