Residence Inn - Shreveport

Blog Post created by rogerwilco on Mar 27, 2016

I hate to complain, I really do. 99% of my Marriott stays for both work and vacation are excellent; however, my experience here was bad enough to the point where I actually felt I had to make a review.


I checked in around 5:00pm of the 20th at the Residence Inn in Shreveport/Airport for vacation. The lady at the counter seemed annoyed at even being there. I checked in, waiting to see if she would make any comments about my Gold status. I don't want to sound conceited, it's not something that defines my life (haha); however, it is something that I've worked towards and the Marriott Rewards program is something that keeps me going to Marriott hotels. The lady at the counter didn't mention anything about my Gold status. For the record, every other hotel I've stayed at during this past 9-day trip I took, (7 separate hotels) all mentioned it, thanked me, and had various different benefits for being a Gold member. Some upgraded me for free without me even asking, others gave me a snack or something from the convenience store, etc. This individual didn't so much as even mention it. I didn't say anything, and went to my room.


...the room was absolutely filthy. Just to run down a few items:


  • The toilet seat had stuff on it. Someone had gone to the bathroom (not in a good way), and not cleaned the seat.
  • Neither the sink, or the tub drained very well. In my 10 minute shower, the tub had gotten to about 3"s high with shower water. It reminded me of taking a shower in a forward operating base in Afghanistan or something.
  • When I pulled out the mattress in the couch to set it up for my daughter who would be sleeping there, there was a gigantic brown stain in the corner that either looked like someone gutted a pig, or someone had a bathroom accident.
  • There was no fitted sheet, and the extra comforter had holes in it. The pillow was also dirty... it looked as if it had been used a couple of times and put back without being washed. It was also missing a mattress pad.
  • There was no shampoo, just two bottles of conditioner.


It goes on and on. Anyway, I went downstairs to politely ask for a mattress pad, a fitted sheet, and a new pillow. While I was there, I genuinely politely told the lady about some of the issues in the room. I then casually asked if I should have gotten an upgrade because I was a Gold member. She snapped back at me immediately and said absolutely not, stating that if I hadn't brought it up myself in the beginning, then I wasn't entitled to one. I then visually took notice of her really bad attitude, and I think she realized it. Somewhat nervous that she had been too nasty, she basically demanded that I change rooms (not an upgrade, just a room change). I told her I wasn't interested because I had already unpacked, and I really just wanted a mattress pad, fitted sheet, and a new pillow. She reluctantly gave them to me, with attitude.


Some other issues I ran into. At 8:13am, housekeeping knocked on my door to see if I was in the room because they wanted to clean it. I had one of the "do not disturb" tags on the door. I opened the door, and the guy said... "Sorry, just wanted to see if you were in the room."

I then went downstairs with my family to have breakfast, and we returned up there at about ~9:00 only to find that the housekeeper had gone back in there (even though I had the Do-Not-Disturb sign) and taken all of our towels... ??? I couldn't take my shower. I had to dry myself with a hand-towel that I hadn't used. Why did he go in there when I clearly had a do not disturb sign up?


About the only thing at the hotel that was decent was the breakfast. The lady who served the breakfast was very courteous, and VERY polite. For any manager reading this, she worked the morning of the 21st in March (just a week from me posting this). She was the only one that worked there that had any sanity.


Honestly... I really hate to complain. I don't know if the hotel is doing badly and forcing extra shifts or something... but I'm never going to stay at that hotel again.