Review of the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, CA

Blog Post created by rle on Mar 13, 2018

The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa is a very expansive hotel and resort with a plush golf course, beautiful grounds, amazing views, fabulous pools, a luxurious spa and many wonderful public areas to hang out, socialize, eat and drink with others.  They have live entertainment and a plethora of exotic birds being playful with the guests.  My favorite thing about the hotel is the giant lake that comes into the lobby of the hotel.  It stretches throughout the hotel's grounds and they have free boat tours that take you from the lobby all over the resort where you can see all of the flamingoes, ducks and swans they have living on site.  There is also a mini putt-putt golf course for guests to play on.  The rooms are comfortable, clean and well-appointed. 



That being said, this hotel is long overdue for an update.  The rooms and the decor are outdated and desperately in need of a makeover.  Also, there is no Concierge Lounge at this hotel and no free breakfast.  So the only offering for elite members is free use of the spa (not services, of course), which is confusing because you still have to pay a resort fee and they don't seem to charge anyone to just enter the spa area and lounge around anyway. 



All in all, we stay here once a year for the St. Jude's Celebrity Golf Tournament and always enjoy ourselves.  The staff is friendly and very attentive.  The food is great and we love dining lake-side at the Rockwood Grill.  They also have excellent brunch and dinner buffets.  There are several stores around the property to kill time in and they have other restaurants that we have yet to try but am sure are also good.  The lobby bar is enormous and the bar and waitstaff are excellent as are the drinks and snacks they serve there.