Marriott's gesture of good will

Blog Post created by ripley62 on May 2, 2019

This is the reply I received from Marriott Internet Customer Care about a credit balance issue after a one of my stay.

As a gesture of goodwill, with my sincerest apology for your experience, I have requested the 13.78USD be refunded back to your credit card. While I know nothing can make up for your inconvenience, Please remember this may take up to 14 business days.


Mr. X, I sincerely hope you will permit us an early opportunity to regain your confidence in our services. We truly value your business and hope your stay does not reflect negatively on other Marriott Bonvoy Hotels or Resorts.

Great as a gesture of good will Marriott is going to give me my own money back, how economical. 


I sent a request for help with an issue on checkout at a Marriott. The issue was I made a one night reservation, for the Saturday night before Easter. It was going to be too late to make all the way home that night. I checked in the app a little after 8pm but didn’t get to the hotel until 1:30. At the hotel to get my key card, I switch payment to a $120 gift card my step daughter had given me. The night desk agent put the entire amount of the gift card on my account and said the unused  portion if there was one would be refunded to the card. 7:30am after a good breakfast I checked out. My folio had a $13.78 credit balance. The desk agent couldn’t refunded the money to the gift card. His manager said I couldn’t get a refund to my credit card on file but I could buy something from the store or buy breakfast. I’m a Titanium Elite, I’d just finished my free breakfast and didn’t need anything from the store. She gave me no options for the return of my own money that the folio clear shows as a credit balance.


On top of that, when I got this email notification of the gesture of good will, of returning the money a Marriott Hotel owed me, neither the nights nor points had posted it had been 11 days. I filed a missing stay request. The night and some of the points posted the next morning. I say some of the points because I book with a promo, for weekend stays in Maryland that included 8,000 bonus points. Those didn’t post of course so another complaint filled and hopefully another case op. I look forward to hearing from them in a week.


Every stay at a legacy Starwood property  this year has posted with no problem and the day after checkout.

Every stay at a legacy Marriott has taken at least 10 days post, all but one have required a missing stay filing. Half had further mistakes that required even more cases opened, like the above and when only 2 of a three night stay posted.


I just love how the new Bonvoy's respect for my time.