Blog Post created by razorbackfan on Mar 27, 2018

Every time we visit Maui, we return home with several Maui Gold pineapples.  In 2016, we also visited Oahu and visited the Dole Plantation where we watched a demonstration on how to properly cut a pineapple and also listened to an explanation of how to grow a pineapple.  We decided we would try to grow our own Maui Gold pineapple and looked forward to enjoying our home grown pineapple.  Fast forward 2 years....Our pineapple plant had gotten so big that when we had to bring it in the house when temperatures dropped below 55 degrees, we could hardly get it through the doors.  I knew that it took about 2 years for a pineapple to appear and had decided that I had had enough of this unruly plant and would give up on growing our own pineapple if we didn't have a baby pineapple when we returned from our February 2018 trip to Maui.  The day after we returned, I took a close look at the plant which we had moved back outside and saw something different......

February 22, 2018

pineapple 1.jpg

March 2, 2018

pineapple 2.jpg

March 9, 2018

pineapple 3.jpg

March 21, 2018

pineapple 4.jpg

Who knows?  Maybe by Double Tipple, it will be big enough to bring and share a bite with those in attendance.


PS: I just looked at the grocery store flyers that came in today's mail and several stores have Dole pineapples on sale for 98 cents.  The ones we get here in south Louisiana usually come from Costa Rica.  Honestly, I don't know how they can sell them for less that a dollar.   I think we paid $1.98 at Wal-Mart for the Maui Gold that we brought back this year.