I'm Thankful for a Very Good Year with Marriott

Blog Post created by profbes on Nov 23, 2017

     Sitting here tonight after my daughter and son-in-law got our grandson to bed, filled with too much food and feeling reflective on life. As I thought how thankful I was for these people around me and other things I also realized what a good year I'd had with travel and most was with Marriott.


     In fact, it was my best year ever points and status wise. I started the year with enough nights for lifetime gold but barely enough points for lifetime silver. I'm finishing the year at lifetime gold, with nights for lifetime platinum and only a quarter million points short of this ultimate status. It was the first year ever that I made platinum on stayed nights alone. Put my credit card, etc. with it and I'm at 130 after never making 100 in the past.


     The points and status are great but experiences and who you are with are what really matters. I'm thankful for my travel partner in retirement, my tolerant wife of 41 years. I stayed in so many hotel rooms alone when we were both working full time. I remember sitting in too many hotel bars with a guy sitting on every other stool. I truly love our adventures together at this point in life. Some years we're finding new adventures and some times we're repeating old favorites but Marriott is helping us enjoy them in style. We all have a less than perfect experience once in awhile but the vast majority are great so I thought before I go in search of that piece of pumpkin pie I shouldn't eat I thought I should also say thank you Marriott.